Winners and Losers of the NFL Divisional Round

Winners and Losers of the NFL Divisional Round

Every week this NFL season, we will celebrate the electric plays, investigate the colossal blunders. And explain the inexplicable moments of the most recent slate. Welcome to Winners and Losers. Which one are you?

Loser: Mike McCarthy’s Big Trick Play
For years I have harbored a very specific and trivial theory about end-of-game trick plays. When a team has only one snap remaining and must go the length of the field. They forced to resort to a Stanford band–style lateral play—you know, the kind that went disastrously for the Patriots earlier this season. The theory is that in these situations, teams should remove their offensive linemen from the field. I love and cherish offensive linemen. They are critical for protecting quarterbacks and opening up run lanes—but that doesn’t really happen on an end-of-game lateral play. There’s only about half a second of blocking before the quarterback throws the very first pass, and after that, everybody on the field needs to be fast and good at throwing and catching in hopes of evading defenders and switching the field as many times as possible. The linemen often end up miles behind the play, blocking air. So why not swap out those linemen for speedsters and backup quarterbacks? It’s legal, so long as five players declare themselves as ineligible and don’t cross the line of scrimmage before the first pass.

The Jets tried this once 15 years ago, but nobody else had attempted this hack … until bold thinker Mike McCarthy. At the end of a game last year against Tampa Bay, the Cowboys sent out 10 skill-position players and one lineman; unfortunately, they failed to complete any laterals.

Winners and Losers of the NFL Divisional Round

Sunday, the ’Boys had another opportunity. Needing a touchdown to tie San Francisco, they lined up in an unusual formation. Running back Zeke Elliott lined up at center, with the rest of the team spread as wide as possible.

Finally, my dream play was happening! My unpopular tweets from a couple of years ago were about to shine. Someone in the NFL had the vision and was about to pull off one of the greatest endings in football history. It was time.

At no point in the Cowboys’ rambling, incoherent final play they even close to anything that could considered a rational football thought. Everybody watchingconfused about exactly what the Cowboys had even tried to do—everybody except for me, the guy sitting at home, realizing his one big football idea was dumber than any football idea anybody has ever had.

As it turns out, even on these trick plays, you need some sort of blocking. When San Francisco linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair looked up and saw a running back as the lone lineman, he decided to punish the Cowboys for their hubris and power-blasted Elliott into hell.

With Al-Shaair in his face moments after the snap,

Dak Prescott had to get rid of the ball quickly. He threw an off-target pass to KaVontae Turpin, basically the only player on the field who being covered by a defender. Turpin had to jump to catch it and tackled instantly upon landing. It’s not clear whether the Cowboys had a bigger plan—Elliott supposed to come get the ball on a lateral after he snapped it? Was Turpin even the intended target? the ball supposed to go out wide where there were blockers? We’ll never know. The play was completely dead on arrival because the Cowboys forgot to poke breathing holes in its travel container.

It was yet another poor season-ending performance from McCarthy. He chose to punt in a pair of questionable scenarios—first while facing fourth-and-5 at the opposing 40-yard line, a punt that led to the go-ahead touchdown for San Francisco, and later while trailing by seven with two minutes left—and attempted a field goal while trailing by seven, and the Cowboys never scored again. And once again, Dallas’s season has ended with a memeable final play against the 49ers that nobody besides McCarthy understood. You’d think he would’ve spent a full year thinking of something better. But I’m not even sure he spent the last year thinking about anything.

It felt like Joe Burrow was gonna spend all day on his ass again.

The Bengals almost won the Super Bowl last year but eventually held back by an IKEA offensive line—cheaply purchased, shoddily assembled, and constantly falling apart. Burrow took 19 sacks in the postseason (an all-time record) and seven in the Super Bowl alone. So the Bengals ditched the IKEA furniture and called an interior designer, spending big in free agency on left tackle La’el Collins, left guard Alex Cappa, and center Ted Karras. It worked: Burrow sacked 10 fewer times for 111 fewer yards in 2022. But at the end of the year, their designer line fell apart, just like the cheap one did. Collins tore his ACL in Week 16, Cappa suffered an ankle injury in Week 18, and right tackle Jonah Williams dislocated his kneecap in last week’s win over the Ravens.

On Sunday, the Bengals had to start three backups who essentially hadn’t played all season: at right tackle. Hakeem Adeniji, the player whose performance at right guard in last year’s Super. Bowl probably did more than anyone’s to win the Rams a title; at left tackle. Jackson Carman, the player who benched at right guard last year to allow. Adeniji to fall apart in the postseason; and at right guard, Max Scharping, who cut during the preseason by the 3-13-1 Texans because he couldn’t find a role on their offensive line. None of these three players had meaningful roles with the Bengals through the first four months of the regular season. And their average Pro Football Focus grade was 48.7 (out of 100). They should have been toast against the Bills.

Instead, Cincinnati’s makeshift line dominated against the Bills. Burrow sacked only once, for a loss of 2 yards. The Bengals ran for 172 yards—more than in 16 of their 17 previous games this season. With Joe Mixon having his second 100-yard game of the season. Look at the massive hole open up for Mixon on this run. Ending with Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds getting dump into the snowy sideline:

Here's the honest truth preview of Cowboys-49ers

Here’s the honest truth preview of Cowboys-49ers

Cowboys Is Brock Purdy as good as his numbers say he is? Which is the real Dak Prescott; the one from Monday night or the NFL’s interception leader? Almost every conversation about this weekend’s titanic clash revolves around these digestible narratives. Those in the know, know it’s much more nuanced than the simple answer. There are eye-test anecdotes people tend to rely on; but when was their last eye exam, anyway?

No, the numbers tell a much more complete story. Analytics spit in the already-mentioned eye of the common refrain of lies, damn lies and statistics. They can’t explain what’s going to happen every time, but they certainly frame the picture of what is most likely to occur. So for this Cowboys-49ers rematch and latest chapter in an epic rivalry, it only makes sense to dive into the analytics to answer the opening two questions.

For that, we brought in the big gun. Daniel Houston, better known on Twitter by the handle CowboysStats (a must follow), lent us his insight on the fascinating QBs, their offenses and the how they intersect with each other in a detailed Q&A session.

Here’s the honest truth preview of Cowboys -49ers

Cowboys Wire: Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Has Kyle Shanahan built the world’s most QB-friendly offense? Do the metrics have insight on how much of their success is independent of Brock Purdy and are there numerical clues as to what works against their attack?

Cowboys Stats: I think he has. Just about every quarterback who’s played in the Shanahan offense — whether a Jimmy G backup, high draft pick or Brock Purdy — has benefited from elite production on yards after the catch, even after accounting for down, distance and target location. This is an area where play design seems to be having a big impact on how this offense moves the chains.

That said, Purdy has so far excelled at completing passes on third down and executing the offense in a way that other Garoppolo backups have not. His completion rates on 3rd down appear to be driving his EPA accuracy component in this case, even as his CPOE is fairly middling. If that continues on Sunday, the Cowboys defense could be in for a tough day.

There are some opportunities for Dallas, though.

Purdy has been fairly sackable, doesn’t pose much of a threat as a scrambler and is most comfortable working the short and intermediate parts of the field. He’s also unlikely to maintain an interception rate this low (2.4%) going forward, given that he does take the occasional risk downfield. A defense that can apply consistent pressure and play soundly in coverage near the sticks has a shot to frustrate him, I think.

So let’s shift the focus to the Dallas scheme and QB combo. You’ve been as vocal as I have about what the real narrative should be this season. Can you bring us up to speed about what Prescott has been?

Cowboys Stats:

Yeah, what bothers me the most about the narrative this year is how Prescott’s entire season has been viewed through the lens of his interception tally alone. The more we hyper-focus on the 15 passes that got picked off, the more we overlook what Prescott has been doing on the other 97% of his plays. And the stuff that hasn’t gotten as much attention has been pretty special.

Despite playing behind a shaky offensive line, Prescott continues to navigate pressure and avoid sacks at the league’s fifth-best rate. Despite largely unreliable options downfield, Prescott has been able to consistently find his receivers in high-value locations.

On third downs, when the defense generally knows he’s going to pass and the entire drive is on the line, Prescott targeted receivers nearly 4 yards beyond the sticks on average. That’s the second-farthest downfield of any quarterback this year. Partly as a result of this knack for exploiting defenses, he has the league’s fourth-best success rate in these drive-saving situations.

At the same time, these risks don’t always pay off.

Seven of Prescott’s interceptions this year have come on must-pass third downs. Two more have come on 2nd-and-18+, and another two picks happened in 2 minute drill situations before halftime. That leaves four interceptions on somewhat “normal” first and second downs.

So with some positive results and some negative ones, how do we make sense of Prescott’s risk profile this year? How do we know what he’s doing is effective on balance?

My preferred tool for this is an expected-points model, which considers the down, distance, field position and other information to estimate the impact of each play on a team’s scoring expectancy. And while Prescott’s interceptions have been costly, that impact is dwarfed by that of the other 97% of his plays. Across all situations, Prescott ranks No. 5 overall in expected points added per play, even though the formula heavily penalizes QBs for turning the ball over. By moving the chains and preventing numerous punts, Prescott is providing more than enough value to offset the interceptions.

2023 divisional round NFL playoffs odds, picks

2023 divisional round NFL playoffs odds, picks: Expert predictions, streaming, how to watch on TV, best bets

Welcome to the divisional round of the playoffs, where the NFL’s final four is about to be decided. This weekend, the No. 1 seeded Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs enter the action, and take on a couple of teams that pulled off upsets on Super Wild Card Weekend and are after more.

As we do every week, we’ve collected all of the best picks and gambling content from and SportsLine and put them in one place, so you can get picks against the spread from our CBS Sports experts as well as additional feature content for each game, including plays from top SportsLine experts and the SportsLine Projection Model, best bets from our staff and more. Ready? Let’s jump in.

Which picks can you make with confidence in the divisional round? And which Super Bowl contender goes down hard? Visit SportsLine, as its incredible model simulates every NFL game 10,000 times and is up more than $7,000 for $100 players on top-rated NFL picks since its inception.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs playoffs

“Laying 8.5 points with a team like Kansas City that struggled to pull away from clubs this season does seem like a shaky road to go down, but the Chiefs feel like a team that has simply been waiting to flip the switch.

“After the bye, they’re beginning another playoff run with Patrick Mahomes, who has been playing at an MVP level to end the year. He has a mismatch against this Jacksonville defense that could see him slice his way up the field. The Jags allowed an NFL-high 6.8 yards per attempt against throws coming out in under 2.5 seconds. Meanwhile, Mahomes led the NFL in EPA per drop with under 2.5 seconds to throw this season. One of his main targets, of course, will be Travis Kelce, who now faces a Jacksonville defense that allowed the third-most receiving yards and third-most yards per reception to tight ends this season. Translation: K.C. should be able to move the football at will.

“Back when these teams met in Week 10, the Chiefs were able to beat the Jaguars by 10 and were even up by 20 at halftime. Two second-half turnovers in that game allowed things to be a bit closer than they actually were. So long as Mahomes keeps the turnovers from getting out of hand this weekend, Kanas City should roll.

“This matchup is also another head-to-head for

Andy Reid against one of his former assistants in Doug Pederson. Reid has a stellar record against his coaching tree, which includes a 4-0 record in the playoffs.”

CBS Sports’ Tyler Sullivan is pointing to history as a reason why he’s taking the favorites to cover the spread this week in Kansas City. To read his divisional round column, click here.

“I don’t think (the Jaguars) are beating the Chiefs. I just don’t. But I do think they’re gonna hang around. I think offensively, they’re going to score points. I think this Chiefs defense has major issues. Block Chris Jones and you’re gonna score. Period. End of story. I know it’s a big thing to do, but if you block him, you’ll score. So I think Jacksonville will score points, I think they’ll hang around in the game, but I do think the Chiefs will win. So I’ll take the Jaguars AND the Over as two of my best bets in this game.”

That’s Pete Prisco’s take from the Pick Six Podcast, where he, R.J. White and Will Brinson broke down all the games from a gambling perspective and gave out best bets Thursday — as they do every week. Give it a listen below and subscribe for great NFL content in your feed daily.

“On paper, this game seems like it could turn into a blowout:

The Eagles have the better offense, the better defense and a healthy Jalen Hurts is better than Daniel Jones. And as I said earlier, I am NOT going to overthink things this week and the most notable thing about this game is that these two teams have already played twice this season with the Giants getting outscored 70-38.

“When two division rivals meet in the playoffs, I don’t necessarily pay attention to what happened during the regular season, but in this game, it’s kind of hard to ignore. The Eagles blew out the Giants twice this year with wins of 48-22 and 22-16, and yes, I count that second score as a blowout because it was 19-3 midway through the fourth quarter.

“Apparently, it’s supposed to be tough to beat a team three times in one season, but I wanted to find that out for myself, so I decided to actually do some research (This actually just involves me emailing our research department, so there’s not really too much work involved on my end, so don’t feel sorry for me).

“Anyway, since 1970, a total of 24 teams have gone 2-0 against a divisional opponent in the regular playoffs season and then faced them again in the playoffs and those 24 teams have gone 15-9 in the third game, which means 62.5% of the teams have finished the three-game sweep, but that also means that the 0-2 team has won the third game 37.5% of the time, and I think what I’m trying to say here is that I just did all that research for nothing, because that’s not enough information to help me pick this game.

UFC 283 Live Stream Glover Teixeira vs Jamahal Hill

How to watch UFC 283, live stream, buy Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill on pay-per-view

UFC 283 takes place in Brazil on January 21. Two of the top Brazilian fighters will be fighting for gold inside Rio de Janeiro’s Jeunesse Arena.

In the main event, Glover Teixeira faces Jamahal Hill for the vacant UFC light heavyweight title. Teixeira, born in Minas Gerais, lost the belt against Jiri Prochazka in July, and a rematch at UFC 282 was scrapped following an injury to the latter. Prochazka relinquished the belt shortly after.

Magomed Ankalaev and Jan Błachowicz would fight for the belt at UFC 282. Their bout ended in a draw, resulting in a new matchup for the title.

The co-main event will see Brazil’s Deiveson Figueiredo defend the UFC flyweight title against Brandon Moreno. A tetralogy fight, the two are 1-1-1 against one another. Figueiredo, born in Para, won the last bout at UFC 270, reclaiming the belt Moreno took from him at UFC 263.

In and out of the cage, for Figueiredo, this is personal.

MORE: Sign up to watch the UFC 283 PPV, exclusively on ESPN+

“Like I said, this is Brazil, and all he does here will get to me,” Figueiredo said at a press conference, via MMA Fighting. “I know this man’s game, he has nothing different. It’s the same game. When you submitted me, it was luck. That won’t happen again, I’m training for you, crybaby.”

Here is all the information you need to know for UFC 283, including channel, time, and card.

How to watch UFC 283: Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill

Country Date Channel + Live Stream (main card)
United States Sat. Dec. 10 ESPN+, ESPN PPV
Canada Sat. Dec. 10 BELL, Rogers, Shaw, SaskTel,  Videotron, Telus, Eastlink, UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass
United Kingdom Sun. Dec. 11 BT Sport
Australia Sun. Dec. 11 Main Event, Kayo Sports, Fetch TV, UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass

The main card for UFC 283 is available in the U.S. and Mexico on the ESPN+ subscription streaming service for a pay-per-view cost. Earlier fights are viewable live on ESPN+.

In Canada, the main card pay-per-view is available on BELL, Rogers, Shaw, SaskTel, Videotron, Telus, Eastlink, and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass.

MORE: Where Figueiredo vs. Moreno 4 ranks among top tetralogy fights

In the United Kingdom, the main card will be available on BT Sport, with the prelims available on UFC Fight Pass.

In Australia, the main card will be on Main Event, Kayo Sports, Fetch TV, and UFC PPV on UFC Fight Pass.

Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill PPV price: How much does UFC 283 cost? 

  • $79.99 (current ESPN+ subscribers)
  • $124.98 (new subscribers)

In the U.S., the UFC 283 main card is available via pay-per-view on ESPN+, which also requires a subscription. The PPV price for UFC 283 is $79.99 for current subscribers. New subscribers can pay a bundle price of $124.98 for the UFC 283 pay-per-view and an ESPN+ annual subscription, which offers savings of more than 30 percent.

MORE: Sign up to watch the UFC 283 PPV, exclusively on ESPN+

Product Prices
ESPN+ Monthly Subscription $9.99/month
ESPN+ Annual Subscription $99.99/year
The Disney Bundle w/Hulu Ad-Supported $12.99/month
The Disney Bundle w/Hulu No-Ads $19.99/month
UFC PPV Standalone $79.99 each
UFC PPV Package (UFC PPV & ESPN+ Annual) $124.98, then $99.99/year
UFC PPV & The Disney Bundle $79.99, then $12.99/month

Click here to learn about the different pricing and bundling options with the ESPN+ platform.

When is UFC 283: Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill?

  • Date: Saturday, January 21
  • FIGHT PASS Prelims: 6:15 p.m. ET | 11:15 p.m. ET GMT | 10:15 a.m. AEDT
  • Prelims: 8 p.m. ET | 1 a.m. GMT | 12 p.m. AEDT
  • Main card: 10 p.m. ET | 3 a.m. GMT | 2 p.m. AEDT 
  • Main event: 12:15 a.m. ET | 5:15 a.m. GMT | 4:15 p.m. AEDT (approximately)

MORE: Is Glover Teixeira close to retiring?

UFC 283 takes place on Jan. 21. Per

The FIGHT PASS prelims begin at 6:15 p.m. ET. The main card starts at 10 p.m. ET.

Figueiredo and Moreno should make their way to the octagon around 11:15 p.m., depending on how long the undercard fights last. Teixeira and Hill should make their way to the octagon around 12:15 a.m. ET, depending on how long the undercard fights last.

UFC 283 fight card

Main card

  • Glover Teixeira vs. Jamahal Hill for the vacant UFC light heavyweight title
  • Deiveson Figueiredo (c) vs. Brandon Moreno (ic) for the UFC flyweight title
  • Gilbert Burns vs. Neil Magny; Welterweights
  • Jessica Andrade vs. Lauren Murphy; Flyweights
  • Paul Craig vs. Johnny Walker; Light Heavyweights


  • Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Ihor Potieria; Light Heavyweights
  • Gregory Rodrigues vs. Brunno Ferreira; Middleweights
  • Thiago Moisss vs. Guram Kutateladze; Lightweights
  • Mounir Lazzez vs. Gabriel Bonfim; Welterweights


  • Shamil Abdurakhimov vs. Jailton Almeida; Heavyweights
  • Warlley Alves vs. Nicolas Dalby; Welterweights
  • Terrance McKinney vs. Ismael Bonfim; Lightweights
  • Josiane Nunes vs. Zarah Fairn Dos Santos; Featherweights
  • Luan Lacerda vs. Cody Stamann; Bantamweights
  • Saimon Oliveira vs. Daniel Marcos; Bantamweights

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Real Madrid vs Valencia: Live stream, Television station, start off time and where to observe

Real Madrid vs Valencia: Live stream, Television station, start off time and where to observe

The most effective method to watch and stream Real Madrid against Valencia on television and online in the US, Joined Realm and India

Real Madrid make the outing to Saudi Arabia to confront Valencia in the Spanish Super Cup on Wednesday at the Lord Fahd Global Arena in Riyadh.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men qualified for this mid-season show-stopper by winning the 2022-23 La Liga title, while Valencia advanced by ethicalness of being Copa del Rey other participants. Los Blancos are the reigning champs and furthermore the second-best side throughout the entire existence of the competition as they have brought home the championship on 12 events.

In the mean time, Valencia stowed their main Super Cup title back in 1999 politeness of a 4-3 total triumph over Barcelona. They have a difficult task to get the better of Los Blancos as they have been really conflicting with their structure and presently sit in eleventh in the Liga table. They have lost their last three experiences against the capital side, remembering a weighty 4-1 misfortune for La Liga in January 2022.

Real Madrid vs Valencia date & kick-off time

Game: Real Madrid vs Valencia
Date: January 11, 2023
Kick-off: 7:00 pm BST / 2:00 pm ET / 12:30 am IST (Jan 12)
Venue: King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh

How to watch Real Madrid vs Valencia on TV & live stream online

In the United States (US), the match can be watched live on ESPN Deportes, ESPN 2 and streamed on ESPN+.

United Kingdom (UK), the game will be telecast on BT Sport 1 and it can be streamed via BT Sport app and website.

In India, there is no live telecast of the match.

Country TV channel Live stream
UK BT Sport 1 BT Sport App
India NA NA

Real Madrid team news & squad

Real Madrid will be without Aurelien Tchouameni and David Alaba for their Spanish Super Cup squad while Dani Carvajal returns from injury.

Luka Modric, Fede Valverde and Toni Kroos should start in midfield. While Karim Benzema should get the nod alongside Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo in attack.

Real Madrid Predicted XI: Courtois; Carvajal, Militao, Rudiger, Mendy; Kroos, Valverde, Modric; Rodrygo, Benzema, Vinicius

Position Players
Goalkeepers Courtois, Lunin, Lopez
Defenders Rudiger, Mendy, Carvajal, Nacho, Militao, Vallejo, Odriozola
Midfielders Camavinga, Vazquez, Modric, Ceballos, Valverde, Kroos
Forwards Hazard, Asensio, Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo, Benzema

Valencia team news and squad

Valencia have a few injury concerns ahead of this game as they are set to miss keeper Jaume Domenech, midfielder Nico Gonzalez with a fractured foot, and Samu Castillejo with a fractured wrist.

They are likely to mirror Madrid’s 4-3-3 formation with Justin Kluivert, Edinson Cavani, and Samuel Lino to start in a front-three.

Valencia predicted XI: Mamardashvili; Correia, Comert, Diakhaby, Gaya; Musah, Guillamon, Almeida; Kluivert, Cavani, Lino

Position Players
Goalkeepers Herrerin, Rivero, Mamardashvili
Defenders Correia, Lato, Paulista, Gaya, Ozkacar, Foulquier, Vazquez, Comert, Diakhaby, Mosquera, Correia
Midfielders Musah, Guillamon, Moriba, Almeida
Forwards Cavani, Kluivert, Lino, Duro, Andre
PSG vs Angers: Live stream, Television station, start off time and where to observe

PSG vs Angers: Live stream, Television station, start off time and where to observe

Where to watch and stream PSG against Enrages on television and online in the US, Joined Realm and India

PSG will be hoping to expand their lead at the highest point of Ligue 1 with a success against Angers on Wednesday. The reigning champs have a four-point advantage over second-set Focal point and have just been beaten once this season.

Enrages are battling at the lower part of the standings with just two successes from 17 matches up until this point. They are on a tragic run of nine consecutive losses and will expect a marvel against the French bosses.

Which Station is the game on and how might you stream it live on the web? Objective brings you all that you want to be aware.

PSG vs Angers date & kick-off time

Game: PSG vs Angers
Date: January 11, 2023
Kick-off: 8:00pm GMT / 3.00pm ET / 1:30am IST (Jan 12)
Venue: Parc des Princes

Where to watch PSG vs Angers on TV & live stream online

In the United States (U.S.), the game can be watched live and on-demand with fuboTV. New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial of the live sports streaming service, which can be accessed via iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV as well as on a web browser.

The game will be on BT Sport 2 in the United Kingdom (UK).

In India, the match can be watched on Sports 18, with steaming available on Voot Select.

Country TV channel Live stream
UK BT Sport 2 BT Sport app/website
India Sports 18 SD/HD Jio TV

PSG squad and team news

Lionel Messi is set to return to the starting lineup after his World Cup triumph in Qatar. Neymar is also back from his suspension but Achraf Hakimi has picked up one due to accumulation of yellow cards. Kylian Mbappe will not feature either.

Presnel Kimpembe, Renato Sanches and Nuno Mendes remain sidelined due to injuries.

PSG predicted XI: Donnarumma; Mukiele, Marquinhos, Ramos, Bernat; Vitinha, Verratti, Ruiz; Messi; Ekitike, Neymar

Position Players
Goalkeepers Rico, Navas, Donnarumma
Defenders Hakimi, Ramos, Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Bernat, Diallo, Mendes, Mukiele
Midfielders Verratti, Paredes, Danilo Pereira, Vitinha, R. Sanches
Forwards Mbappe, Neymar, Sarabia, Messi, Ekitike

Angers team news and squad

Azzedine Ounahi is linked with several clubs for a move away in January and all eyes will be on him if he starts against PSG.

Several other players including Ilyes Chetti, Farid El Melali, Yan Valery, Jean-Mattéo Bahoya, Ibrahim Amadou and Halid Sabanovic have been reported to have missed training sessions leading up to the game and remain doubtful.

Angers predicted XI: Bernardoni; Bamba, Hountondji, Blazic, Doumbia; Mendy, Bentaleb; El Melali, Hunou, Thioub; Sima

Position Players
Goalkeepers Bernardoni, Zinga, Fofana, Borne
Defenders Mendy, Doumbia, Šabanović, Blažič, Hountondji, Bamba, Camara, Chetti, Valery
Midfielders Bentaleb, Boufal, Ounahi, Abdelli, Belkhdim, Capelle, Amadou, Bobichon, Bahoya, Taïbi, Kalla
Forwards Diony, Salama, Sima, Ella, Hunou, Jakoliš, Thioub, Mbock
Manchester United vs Everton: Live stream, Station, start off time and where to observe

Manchester United vs Everton: Live stream, Station, start off time and where to observe

Manchester United vs Everton The most effective method to watch and stream Joined against Everton in the FA Cup on television and online in the US, Joined Realm and India.

Manchester United are on a six-game dominating spat all rivalries as they have Everton in a third round FA Cup experience at Old Trafford on Friday.

Fourth on the Head Association table after a 3-0 win over Bournemouth, Erik ten Witch’s side have likewise gained late headway in the Carabao Cup as they face Charlton Athletic in the quarter-finals after this game.

Everton’s last excursion to Manchester was a 1-1 draw against Manchester City yet were last managed a 4-1 home loss against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Manchester United vs Everton date and start up time

Game: Manchester United vs Everton
Date: January 6, 2023
Kick-off: 3pm ET, 8pm GMT, 1:30am IST (Jan 7)
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester


The most effective method to watch Manchester United vs Everton on television and live stream on the web

In the US (U.S.), the game can be observed live on ESPN+.

ITV1 and STV will show the game in the Unified Kingdon (UK), with spilling on ITVX and STV Player.

In India, the Sony Sports Organization has the FA Cup broadcasting privileges, with web-based features on SonyLIV and JioTV.

Country TV channel Live stream
India Sony Sports Ten 2 SD/HD SonyLIV, JioTV

Man Utd team news & squad

Axel Tuanzebe is a drawn out non-attendant, with Jadon Sancho actually battling with his wellness and Antony likewise being an uncertainty in the wake of missing the last game.

Donny van de Beek got harmed in the Bournemouth win. Anthony Military picked a thump in a similar game yet ought to be accessible.

In the interim, Lisandro Martinez and Diogo Dalot made their profits post the World Cup against Bournemouth, while Scott McTominay came to the seat.

Raphael Varane and Alejandro Garnacho are additionally expected to be among the changes, yet Casemiro, Christian Eriksen, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford ought to all keep their places.

Man Utd conceivable XI: De Gea; Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Shaw; Casemiro, Eriksen; Garnacho, Fernandes, Rashford; Military

Position Players
Goalkeepers De Gea, Heaton, Henderson, Dubravka
Defenders Lindelof, Bailly, Jones, Maguire, Martinez, Malacia, Varane, Dalot, Shaw, Telles, Wan-Bissaka, Williams, Mengi, Fernandez
Midfielders Fernandes, Eriksen, Amad, Fred, Casemiro, Pellistri, McTominay, Hannibal
Forwards Martial, Rashford, Antony, Sancho, Elanga, Shoretire, Garnacho

Everton team news & squad

Amadou Onana and Anthony Gordon are back from a suspension and disease individually, however James Gather, Michael Keane and Andros Townsend, and Nathan Patterson are set to pass up record of wounds.

Seamus Coleman would supplant Patterson at right-back, and with Onana back in midfield, any semblance of Dwight McNeil, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Demarai Dark ought to go on in the XI going ahead.

Everton conceivable XI: Pickford; Coleman, Coady, Tarkowski, Mykolenko; Iwobi, Gueye, Onana; McNeil, Calvert-Lewin, Dark

Position Players
Goalkeepers Pickford, Begovic, Lonergan, Jakupovic
Defenders Tarkowski, Holgate, Mina, Mykolenko, Godfrey, Coleman, Vinagre, Coady
Midfielders Onana, Doucoure, Iwobi, Davies, Gueye
Forwards McNeil, Calvert-Lewin, Gordon, Gray, Maupay, Simms


Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur: Match String and How to Watch

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur: Match String and How to Watch

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur: Tottenham Hotspur go on an outing across London to Selhurst Park for a night matchup with Gem Castle.

Spikes aren’t precisely fixing the world ablaze now after a sluggish 2-0 loss because of Aston Manor throughout the end of the week. We could re-hash all that has been expressed since the finish of that match and today, yet there’s no point. Spikes allies are fed up with hearing the reasons and support for what basically added up to two squandered hours on New Year’s Day. Spikes have dropped out of the Best 4. While they’re five calls attention to of that last Bosses Association spot, the impending timetable is severe and could see Spikes fall a lot of lower in the table.

Spikes need to get three focuses today to get their certainty moving, or they face a run that incorporates association pioneers Stockpile and two coordinates with City quite expeditiously while on the slide.



How to Watch Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur

Selhurst Park, London, England

Time: 8:00 PM UK, 3:00 PM ET

TV: USA Network (USA), Sky Sports (UK)

Streaming: DAZN (CAN)

Match string rules Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur

The match string rules are equivalent to constantly. To any guests coming here interestingly, welcome! We’re happy you’re here! Wipe your feet, mind the hole, and make certain to look at different pages at this extraordinary site. While you’re here, however, we have a couple of rules and guidelines:

  • Absolutely no links to illegal streams. They’re bad and they get us in trouble. Violators will be warned or banned.
  • We have rules against “relentless negativity.” Nobody likes a Negative Nancy. Don’t knee-jerk and post outlandish or hurtful things just because you’re frustrated.
  • Along those lines, outright abuse of players or match officials is also not allowed. It’s fine to say “wow, that was a really bad call,” but it’s NOT okay to direct copious amounts of abuse in the direction of said official over a call you did not like.
  • Treat other people in the match thread the way you would want someone else to treat your grandmother. Be nice. This is a community of fans, not an un-moderated message board.
  • Finally, while we don’t have a rule against profanity, please try and keep the naughty words in check. Also, language that is sexist, racist, transphobic, or homophobic in nature will be swiftly deleted and you will be immediately banned. This is an open, supportive community.

Have fun, and COYS!


Red Tea Detox Review-The Best Recipes For Weight Loss 2023

Red Tea Detox Review-The Best Recipes For Weight Loss 2023

Red tea Detox is one of the oldest and ancient herbal teas in the world. In ancient times the Chinese elite were the only ones who could take it. Today, we have it at hand in any herbalist, and one of the best-known uses is to lose weight by implementing it in our diet Detox Review. But is it really effective? How should this diet be done? What are its drawbacks? We will see everything in this article.

How the Detox diet works

It is essential that you take four infusions a day from Pu Erh, as it is short-lived and the effect must be intense. You can drink them at breakfast, half an hour after lunch and dinner, and a snack. Detox Diet complement for those people who ingest too many carbohydrates a day, such as those that come from rice or bread.

The Detox Diet is at least a week. Some people claim that they have lost up to 3 kilos in this period of time.

Who can carry it out?

If you carry out a healthy life and do not suffer from any type of disease.
If you are not in the age range that we mentioned in the next point.
If you supplement this diet with constant physical exercise.
Who should not carry it out?
Any child or elder. Your body is not prepared to withstand the intensity of 4 daily infusions of, as it is too rich in tannins and alkaloids.
Women during lactation or pregnant, since excess caffeine could be passed on to the baby.
If you suffer from nervousness, hypertension or arrhythmias.
If you have an ulcer
Before starting this diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor or a specialist.

What foods should I take during the Detox Diet?

You have to follow a balanced and healthy diet, but not only during this week but also ahead. You have to combine all the healthy foods a little apart from taking Detox after eating.

Eat vegetables and fruits, five pieces a day. Also pasta and rice, white meat, blue and white fish, legumes, whole grain bread, skimmed milk, etc.

What you have to avoid is chocolate, red meat and its fat, and sweets in general. This does not mean that from time to time you can not give yourself a whim, but it has to be very moderate if your goal is to lose weight.

Procedure during the week
It is very simple, you just have to follow the following guidelines:

At breakfast, drink a cup of Detox after toasting with oil and a glass of skimmed milk.
In the food, take the salad, vegetables, pasta, and fruit. You can eat breast. To prevent the tea from affecting the absorption of iron, prepare the infusion to drink half an hour after eating.
The snack may consist of only one cup of. You can add some spice to increase the effect of weight loss. We recommend that you see our article: with ginger and cinnamon to lose weight.
Finally, you can have white meat or fish with a fresh salad or soup. Always remember to eat a fruit and a little vegetable. Here we leave you some tips to prepare for Pu Erh Detox.
As additional advice, say that it is recommended that the vegetable you eat it raw or cooked, but not fried. This would be the Detox Diet.

What are the results of the diet?

On the one hand, Detox promotes digestion, since it cleanses the gastrointestinal system and detoxifies it. Additionally, it helps to lose that. The metabolism of the liver works faster because it has a thermogenic power, which burns excess fats in the body detox tea. More Diet Planer.

However, people tend to think that with this Detox diet you will be able to see miracles in your body. No. Despite what some people say, you should know that you can do it as a prelude to a healthy and constant diet. When the week has passed, you may see good results, but you must maintain good habits (without the four infusions of Pu Erh) because otherwise, you will recover the weight you lost. That’s why it’s good to be guided by a specialist in nutrition or medicine.

This is naturopath Liz Swann Miller’s latest creation. She is most known for her “Red Smoothie Detox Factor” program from a few years ago, and this time she has some new twists to her body detox regimen. The following is a summary of Liz’s “” guide, plus our opinion on it.
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Sick Building Syndrome Back to Basics

Sick Building Syndrome: Back to Basics

Today, Sick Building Syndrome is a reality, which can be quite expensive. In this article, we are going to take a look at the causes and impact of sick building syndrome. Apart from this, we will spell out why international leaders and entrepreneurs are taking this problem so seriously. Read on to find out more.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

In simple words, Sick Building Syndrome is a situation that makes people experience serious health issues due to spending a lot of time in a building. There is a difference between building-related illness and BRI. In the case of BRI, all of the symptoms are considered and the illnesses are diagnosable. Typically, BRI is associated with certain contaminants.

On the other hand, sick building syndrome cannot be associated with any specific illness. After all, it does not seem to have many causes. If you have the following symptoms, chances are that you have this syndrome.

You may experience symptoms such as dry cough, concentration problems, throat irritation, headaches, and unexplained fatigue despite the fact that you are apparently healthy.

You may feel better when you get out of the building

You are unable to identify other causes

Sick Building Syndrome vs Perception

Since there is no specific cause of the syndrome, some people think that the symptoms are psychological only. However, according to many studies, there is a link between poor indoor air quality and the symptoms given above.

Generally, in an air-conditioned building, residents can have these symptoms more than those who live in a properly ventilated building.

The Economic Cost

Regardless of the causes of sick building syndrome, it is important to keep in mind that this phenomenon is real and can cost a great deal of money. Apart from this, it has become a real challenge for human resource managers as they are finding it difficult to reduce employee absenteeism.

According to another research study, building-related symptoms have caused a productivity loss of at least $20 billion per year for the US alone.

Causes of Sick Building Syndrome

According to EPA, given below are some of the common factors that are associated with sick building syndrome:

Poor ventilation: If there is not enough ventilation, your indoor air quality will continue to get worse.

Chemical contaminants: Both indoor and outdoor pollution may cause you to experience this syndrome. These contaminants may come from vehicle exhausts, pesticides, carpeting, and adhesives, just to name a few.

Biological contaminants: Some of the most common examples of biological contaminants include viruses, pollen, mold, and bacteria, just to name a few.

Long story short, if you want to stay away from this syndrome, and looking for an easy way out, then you should go for a good quality indoor air purifier. The best thing about the devices is that they are inexpensive, portable, and offer great functionality when it comes to air purification. So, you can choose a good brand and purchase a number of these units for your home or office.

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